Let us introduce our company S+M.

More than 30 years of innovation, service and trust.

About us

S+M GmbH Mesch Family

The two generations of the Mesch family. l.t.r. Sandra, Heiko, Karin and Stefan Mesch.

We are an owner-managed company in its second generation. More than 40 dedicated co-workers are the reason for our success.

S+M was founded in 1985 by Stefan Mesch as „S+M Schaltgeraete Service + Vertriebs GmbH” together with his former partner. In 2016 his son Heiko Mesch took over the company now called “S+M GmbH” as managing director.

We are your specialist partner for integration, distribution and servicing of various payment systems such as coin or banknote as well as cashless payment systems.

Here at S+M we have believed in the potential of cashless payment and digitalization from an early stage. Since 1998 we have been pioneers in the field of telemetry for the vending industry which we now call Connected Vending.

This could be achieved by the foundation of „Höfer Ventronic GmbH”. This enabled the S+M group to take the next step from being a distributor and servicing partner to also becoming a developer and producer of products and systems. So our Connected Vending System Vensolutions was created and is being developed further continuously.

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S+M GmbH About Us Team

These are the core values which motivate our actions


We are responsible for our client’s sensitive financial data and a smooth operating process.

Our clients trust us. This is our greatest asset and the foundation for our success. Through security, discretion and integrity whenever we are dealing with data and other information we prove this every day.


We are reliable and loyal partners – for our clients as well as our suppliers and colleagues.

Together we want to step up to the task ahead and form long-term relationships. We meet our every day challenges with honesty, openness and mutual understanding.

Customer Orientation

We keep our client’s needs in strong focus. We support our clients in their operating and service process with efficient and sustainable solutions.

We are on-site with our clients quite often and listen closely. This way we can recognize problems quickly and act accordingly. We see our clients as the engine for our actions.


We use our long-standing experience and exceptional know-how in the field of distribution and servicing of payment systems.

At the same time we are passionate about developing innovative and successful solutions for our industry. Strong roots give us strong wings.


We meet the ever changing market and product requirements with creativity and imagination as well as the necessary flexibility.

We can offer future-oriented solutions because we are actively looking for potential further than just state-of-the-art.


Our daily work is characterized by mutual respect and trust in each other. We support each other and behave in a helpful and constructive way.

We make sure that our everyday work is done in an organized and professional manner by ensuring open and well directed communication on an equal level.



  • 1985

    Foundation of „S+M Schaltgeraete - Service + Vertriebs GmbH“ by Stefan Mesch

  • 1988

    Distribution and servicing of NRI money changers (D, A, CH)

  • 1992

    Move into our own company building with 18 staff members

  • 1993

    60% share of GEBA in Vienna (until 2009)

  • 1996

    Beginning of bill validator service for park & ticketing

  • 1998

    Starting point of telemetry solutions

  • 2001

    Extension of company headquarters in Erkelenz during the introduction of the Euro for more than 120 staff members

  • 2002

    Partnership with CashCode bill validators (D,A,CH) and foundation of Höfer Ventronic GmbH, Neuwied

  • 2003

    Introduction of Bill2Bill devices for park & ticketing

  • 2009

    Telemetry projects for Dutch railways NS and Tobaccoland (A)

  • 2012

    Project with Swiss railways SBB partnering with Scheidt & Bachmann

  • 2013

    10.000 first generation Vencubes in use with more than 700 million transactions and a platform volume of more than 1.8 billion Euro

  • 2015

    Market introduction of Vensolutions, our next generation telemetry with Vencube beta

  • 2016

    S+M GmbH is founded and Heiko Mesch becomes new managing director

  • 2017

    More than 7000 Vencube beta in use

  • 2018

    Partnership with mit Coca Cola CCEAG and Brand re-launch of S+M GmbH