Our Clients and Partners

We have a long-term successful relationship with many of our clients and partners

Many people get in contact with one of our products directly or indirectly on a daily basis i.e. when using a vending or ticketing machine or use their company canteen.
These are the market areas in which our products are used:


Machines for

  • Travel tickets (train etc.)
  • Parking tickets
  • Entry tickets of all kinds (Zoo, swimming bath etc.)
  • Etc.


Machines for

  • Coffee
  • Cold drinks
  • Sweets
  • Snacks
  • Other vending machines


  • Staff card systems (debit/credit)
  • Guest card systems
  • Accounting
  • Chargers
  • POS
  • Individual solutions
Contact persons

If you have any questions about the devices and services offered by us, our sales team is at your disposal. Please contact Torsten Kröger (cash payment systems SUZOHAPP), Roland Hermanns (cash payment systems CPI, Vensolutions) or Walter Thievessen (Vensolutions).

S+M GmbH Contact Person Torsten Kröger

Torsten Kröger
Sales Manager
Contact for sales of SUZOHAPP products
Tel.: +49 (0)5771 609515
Mobil: +49 (0)172 42160932
Fax: +49 (0)2431 76137
Mail: sales-suzohapp[at]sm-gmbh [dot] de

S+M GmbH Contact Person Roland Hermanns

Roland Hermanns
Sales Manager
Contact for sales of payment systems, components and Vensolutions
Tel.: +49 (0)2431 9654-21
Mobil: +49 (0)176 125 200 05
Fax: +49 (0)2431 76137
Mail: sales-payment-systems[at]sm-gmbh [dot] de

S+M GmbH Contact Person Walter Thieveßen

Walter Thieveßen
Sales Manager
Contact for sales of Vensolutions
Tel.: +49 (0)2161 5730904
Mobil: +49 (0)176 125 200 04
Fax: +49 (0)2431 76137
Mail: sales-vensolutions[at]sm-gmbh [dot] de