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Vensolutions: Discover the possibilities

Thanks to Vensolutions (our Connected Vending system) the future of vending machines is moving „away from the image of a boring machine which sells you things towards a state-of-the-art interactive shopping experience allowing individual customer targeting and other attractive features.” (German text only)

May 2017

S+M says Thank You...

Read a trade fair review of the Eu’vend 2017 in Cologne. It was a successful fair for S+M where we presented new functions of our Telemetry System Vensolutions as well as the new generation of Vencash Products and devices. (German text only)

March 2017

S+M at Eu’vend 2017 in Cologne

New managing director Heiko Mesch talks about the advancement of our Connected Vending system Vensolutions and its potential for future applications. (German text only)

November 2015

Your partner for holistic telemetry solutions in the vending industry

S+M introduces Vensolutions and its possibilities at the trade fair Eu’vend 2015 in Cologne. This sets a new standard for the vending and payment system industry. (German text only)