Cash Payment Systems

S+M specializes in the integration of different payment systems such as classic coin, banknote and modern cashless payment systems for the vending industry.

Always in good hands

From the beginning we have been servicing cash systems such as coin validators and money changers by leading manufacturers NRI and MEI. By now we can look back onto more than 30 years of reliable distribution and highest quality of servicing and maintenance for your payment systems in vending machines, ticketing and catering.

Our product range of cash payment systems consists of coin validators, coin changers and coin hoppers as well as banknote or bill readers, bill validators and recyclers by CPI, SUZOHAPP, CashCode and Bill-to-Bill.

Coin payment systems    Banknote payment systems


Coin Validators

The coin validators by CPI and SUZOHAPP offer great flexibility through their sensor technology leading to reliable acceptance of valid coins and rejection of suspect coins. They are installed in various vending or service machines.

Multiple scanning of the inserted coins by sensors ensures secure detection by interpreting more than 20 parameters depending on the device.

The coin validators and coin managers have different interfaces and can run in different operating modes to be compatible to as many vending protocols as possible.

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Coin Changers

The coin changers by CPI and SUZOHAPP help you increase turnover while saving costs by using their innovative technology. In terms of reliability, profitability and flexibility we can offer an individual solution for your application within our product range.

Advanced coin validation technology ensures accurate coins in and out of all currencies which are in circulation worldwide. Due to the precise giving of change you can reduce the amount of cash you have tied up in your machines.

It is possible to integrate the devices into software audit systems – like our Vensolutions system – so all vending processes can be monitored.

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Coin Hoppers

The well-tried high quality Coin Hoppers by CPI count out and dispense coins of all currencies. Large capacity, reliable functionality and a long lifetime make them the best solution for handling of coins of various shapes and sizes. They are used in machines which require holding extra amounts of cash for dispensing.

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Banknote Readers

We are official distributor and service partner for banknote readers by leading manufacturers CPI and SUZOHAPP.

These modern payment systems feature impressive transaction speed, superior sensor technology and user friendly interfaces. They all accept valid notes at first try nearly every time. Even wet, ripped or dirty valid notes will be accepted. Note jams are avoided and false notes are rejected reliably. Our note readers guarantee happy customers, minimal servicing costs and a larger turnover.

We provide fixed-width or multi-width note readers. The multi-width solutions automatically adjust to different sizes of banknotes and straighten them out, even if they are inserted awkwardly. This is an ideal solution for currencies with different sizes of banknotes.

Depending on the models we offer back-load or front-load options and stacker-up or stacker-down configurations.

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Banknote Changers (Recyclers)

We are official distributor and service partner for banknote changers and recyclers by SUZOHAPP and CPI.

The Bill-to-BillTM recyclers for example offer outstanding quality for automated payments and transactions by precisely validating and releasing banknotes. In using these recyclers your machines can provide change given in banknotes instead of coins. Even wet, dirty or folded notes are accepted. Once a valid note has been accepted it can be recycled and given as change without any jamming. You can now accept notes of a higher denomination without fearing to run out of cash.

Electronic monitoring of the transactions offers integration into your auditing system and also into our Vensolutions System.

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