From the canteen to the farm shop - the Micro-Market with self-service cash register ensures modern all-round supply everywhere

24/7 shopping without staff

Design your Micro-Market according to your wishes and in your corporate design thanks to different and combinable shop elements in modular construction.

Equipped with Venshop, our flexible checkout system, you can offer your customers, guests, patients or staff the opportunity to buy drinks, snacks, drugstore items and much more around the clock. All common means of payment, including room cards, can be used without any problems.

Offer unique customer service - and save on staff costs!


1 Remove product

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2 Scan / select on the display

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3 Pay

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Configure your Micro-Market with us

To configure your Micro-Market, we offer various shop modules that can be individually combined with each other as a modular system. According to your wishes, the Micro-Market can thus be optimally adapted to your spatial requirements.
In addition, all elements can be designed according to your specifications. For this, you can choose between various surfaces in different materials and colours, from planking in wood for the modern farm shop to an elegant finish in anthracite for hotels.
An adaptation to your corporate design is of course also possible.

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Cash register module with Venshop

Cash register module with Venshop

Shelf module

Shelf module

Bakery module

Bakery module

Microwave module

Microwave module

Coffee module

Coffee module

Refrigerator module

Refrigerator module


Payment with bank card or in-house system and charging of the in-house system


Add-on module (cash)

Payment and recharge with cash

The Venshop - the heart of every Micro-Market

The Venshop is the heart of every micro-market.
As a central payment system in its basic configuration, the Venshop enables cashless shopping pleasure. Goods can be conveniently selected via a large touchscreen and/or entered via an integrated scanner. Payment is made either by OpenLoop (OL, e.g. bank cards) or ClosedLoop (CL, in-house systems such as employee cards). With the addition of a cash module, cash payments are also accepted smoothly.

The integration of existing cashless systems (Mifare, Legic) via MDB is possible without any problems.

In addition, the Venshop can be linked to various additional devices:

  • Icon camera system Camera system for room surveillance in accordance with data protection regulations
  • Icon access system Intelligent access system via bank, credit and customer cards
  • Icon mechanical access lock Mechanical access lock as a people guidance system
  • Icon Siline vending machine generation Siline vending machine generation (by Sielaff), controllable via the Venshop, including age control, etc.
  • Icon labeling and weighting system Labelling and weighing system, e.g. Mettler Toledo
  • Icon Coffee machine Coffee machines, e.g. Franke

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Create added value through intelligent cooling

Whether perfectly integrated into the micro-market or as a low-cost "stand alone" alternative, the Vencool offers your customers an excellent, natural shopping experience including an integrated, sensor-controlled access control system that automatically recognises the removed items so that additional scanning is not necessary.
The Vencool offers your customers all the advantages of normal, "locked" vending machines, while creating an excellent, natural shopping experience, in that all products are fully accessible and can be touched and, if necessary, put back before purchase.
As an operator, you can further increase your turnover and, thanks to the complete integration in Vensolutions, make your vending machine billing, filling, control and maintenance even more effective.

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Micro Market 3D

Sample application "Tante Martin"

The perfect solution for many applications

There are many possible uses for the Micro-Market in your individual design, for example:

  • as an all-round service for your hotel lobby
  • as a patient & visitor café in a hospital
  • as a shop supplement to a self-service petrol station
  • as a canteen substitute for company catering
  • as a self-sufficient village or farm shop
  • as a staff-free butcher's, bakery or flower shop

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Offer your customers, guests or patients a unique service and create a 24/7 shopping experience of the latest generation.
Plan your modern Micro-Market with us - we will be happy to advise you!